Meet Megan


A defining feature of our species is creative expression and my forte' is developing it. I serve as a creative matchmaker of sorts, connecting a message to its meaning, a story to its teller or a presenter to their audience.


As a producer and actor, I fold principles from these disciplines into coaching. Through dynamic delivery, stage presence and storytelling, I help clients enhance the overall production quality and impact of any presentation.


With certification in the Enneagram personality methodology, I also help clients develop stronger relational and self awareness skills. As a result, clients gain enhanced interpersonal skills and greater rapport building capabilities.


I meet presenters wherever they are on the speaker spectrum and prepare them in a creative, full-body fashion toward greater creative expression. 

Let's find the "present" in your presentation and have some fun in the process. I look forward to collaborating!


Certified in 'Enneagram Resources'


Trained through Coaches Training Institute