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"Working with Megan was a game changer for me. I originally reached out to improve my confidence and delivery with public speaking. Megan was invested in my goals and fully supportive and helpful throughout every step of our 8 month journey together. Megan provided thoughtful and insightful feedback and helped me to find my authentic voice and be the best version of myself. My experience with Megan has made me a better leader and has positively impacted the way I interact with small and large groups of people." 


Lisa Friedman, Vice President, U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Foundation

“No matter how skilled or inexperienced you are as a public speaker, Megan will be able to help you raise your game significantly, and very quickly. If you want to turn public speaking into a joy rather than a chore, I could not recommend her more highly."


Michael Kester, CEO, Lead Belay

“Megan did a masterful job leading a multi-part training series for our company to enhance our virtual communication and presentation skills. She was incredibly thoughtful about the content she prepared for the course and polished/warm in her delivery. The format was varied and interactive such that everyone on our team was completely engaged the entire time. This is our second time working with Megan and won't be our last!” 

Tyler Hales, Partner, T3 Advisors

“[Megan’s] passion for what she does and the inspiring aspects of her coaching are her biggest asset. It is obvious she cares about assisting others to be their best.Thank you for taking the time to listen, guide and support me on my journey to be the best leader I can be.”"


Bahati VanPelt — Chief of Athlete Services, U.S. Olympic Paralympic Committee

“I reached out to Megan to help me prep for a speech that I was asked to give as part of a job interview process. Together, in 1:1 setting, Megan coached me on how to convey my message persuasively, authentically and confidently, by focusing on my non-verbal communication and vocal range. When delivering my speech, I felt as if I was channeling the warmth and enthusiasm that Megan displays when I’ve seen her in front of crowds - and I received praise from my interview panel. I highly recommend her services to anyone.”

Sherri Shapiro Change/Program Management, Consultant

“Megan is a great listener and creative mind; constantly providing thoughtful ideas, suggestions and feedback. She helped me narrow in on my goals and steps to achieve them.”

Juliana Broste, "Traveling Jules"

"Megan balances constructive and confirming feedback perfectly. Most of us tend to contract a bit when we receive constructive feedback, but with Megan I always expanded. Her delivery style is thoughtful and genuine. You can tell that she loves this work and is gifted at it. Her questions, ideas and suggestions changed the way I facilitate for the better. We all have communication areas we want to improve and Megan can help you do just that.”

Cheryl Pack — Founder,

“After 27 years serving as a pastor, I finally decided it was time for me to have an executive coach. Megan was divine in her approach to assuage my fears. She took time to understand my context with probing, open-ended questions and accurately named my unique challenge for executive implementation. Megan displayed an incredible capacity to translate corporate jargon to bold, meaningful and spiritual adaptability. She is the singular force that has transformed my approach to C-level leadership.”


Ken Brown — Senior Pastor, Trinity United Methodist Church

“Working with Megan is pure joy. She is an engaging listener who empowers you to be an authentic, natural, and confident public speaker. I worked with Megan as I was crafting my TedxBoulder talk. She coached me on each internal and external component of my talk, way beyond word choice and presence on stage. She was an encouraging but also challenging coach (in the best possible way) helping me consider opportunities for improvement that made me want to get better and speak in front of audiences more often. I look forward to my next opportunity to work with Megan!”


Claire Chase, Ph.D — Founder, Resilience By Design

“As the director of a biotech startup speakers bureau, I worked closely with Megan to provide her excellent coaching to all our physicians in the program. I could not recommend her services more! From our newest members to the seasoned speakers of over 20 years, they all found working with Megan to be incredibly beneficial to their presentation skills and personal growth. She is professional, enthusiastic, and personable with a clear gift for public speaking and teaching. Utilizing Megaphone Coaching for your team’s or your own growth will undoubtedly be a resounding success.” 

Jack Bernardon, Product Marketing Manager, Scipher Medicine

“One week after our corporate retreat, our team is already applying the techniques and philosophies Megan helped identify. Our team is now much better equipped with the tools to feel confident communicating with an audience of 1 or 200 people.”

Lauren Kendall, Director of Marketing, Scipher Medicine

“Megan has a way of speaking that is seamless to listen to and remain connected to. She designed and delivered an excellent program for our R&D team this year, which made us reflect on our experiences with personal and professional communication, ask questions, and have an open dialog about how we can improve by learning about ourselves and being mindful of each other’s spoken and unspoken communication. In an R&D team, the mere translation of highly technical work can become the centerpiece of every meeting and it is easy to neglect the relationship-building aspect of communication, which is every bit as important. Megan’s workshop brought that to the forefront of our focus enabling us to imagine ways of enriching our everyday interactions.”

Zahra Hosseini, Ph.D., M.Sc., Siemens Healthineers

"Megan was amazing with our young people. She met them where they were, gave tremendous and accessible feedback, and supported them as they prepared for a huge fundraising evening in front of hundreds of people. The night was a wild success thanks to Megan's coaching."

Sam Battan, Founder & Executive Director, Colorado Youth Congress


"Megan is AMAZING! She gets you hyped about public speaking and who gets hyped up for that!? Megan is engaging and gives such perfect examples. She really boosts your confidence and her feedback is constructive and true takeaways to apply in your professional career and personal life!"

Jennifer Tran, Senior Associate, The Bowdoin Group

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