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Megaphone Coaching
Amplify your message
Rock your impact

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Find Comfort in Presenting and Connection With Audiences
through 1-1 Coaching and Group Programs. 

Elevating presentation skills, storytelling, virtual effectiveness and relational awareness through affirming coaching and dynamic workshops.



Coaching begins with identifying your unique speaker strengths and growth areas and customizing your development path around your preferred services: presentation skills, virtual effectiveness, strategic storytelling, relational awareness. Elevate your look - sound - feel and bolster it with constructive feedback.

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Megan helps teams address unique communication needs/desires, resolve problem areas, and create impactful gatherings in well executed, entertaining and engaging group experiences, while modeling how others can do the same. These sessions are customized for companies, organizations, non-profit groups, committees and internal teams. 

Meet Your Instructor


I am a creative matchmaker of sorts – converting meaning into message, producing messages for mediums, connecting stories to their tellers and prepping presenters for their audiences. I’ve been in the business of joy-seeking, moment-making and storytelling all throughout my creative journey; starting with a degree in “Communication-Arts: Radio, TV and Film” from UW- Madison. As a creative professional, I've assisted productions and produced promos for multiple public television stations, executed video marketing campaigns for the cable channel, Starz, and voiced and produced news radio stories for a global PR firm.


I incorporate principles from my video production and performance background into my speech coaching to amplify speakers and their events. Through dynamic delivery, visual stage presence and strategic storytelling, I help clients elevate the entertainment value of their presenting and enhance the overall production quality and impact of any presentation.

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“Megan has a way of speaking that is seamless to listen to and remain connected to. She designed and delivered an excellent program for our R&D team this year, which made us reflect on our experiences with personal and professional communication, ask questions, and have an open dialog about how we can improve by learning about ourselves and being mindful of each other’s spoken and unspoken communication. In an R&D team, the mere translation of highly technical work can become the centerpiece of every meeting and it is easy to neglect the relationship-building aspect of communication, which is every bit as important. Megan’s workshop brought that to the forefront of our focus enabling us to imagine ways of enriching our everyday interactions.”

Zahra Hosseini, Ph.D., M.Sc., Siemens Healthineers


“Working with Megan was a game changer for me. I originally reached out to improve my confidence and delivery with public speaking. Megan was invested in my goals and fully supportive and helpful throughout every step of our 8 month journey together. Megan provided thoughtful and insightful feedback and helped me to find my authentic voice and be the best version of myself. My experience with Megan has made me a better leader and has positively impacted the way I interact with small and large groups of people.”  -


Lisa Friedman, Vice President, U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Foundation


“Megan did a masterful job leading a multi-part training series for our company to enhance our virtual communication and presentation skills. She was incredibly thoughtful about the content she prepared for the course and polished/warm in her delivery. The format was varied and interactive such that everyone on our team was completely engaged the entire time. This is our second time working with Megan and won't be our last!”


Tyler Hales, Partner, T3 Advisors


Need help to prepare for a presentation?

Whether enhancing your communication in general or preparing for a specific creative endeavor, 1-1 speech coaching offers safe, positive and personalized support that will inform how you show up, how you express yourself and how you come across - in ALL facets of life. Megan's complimentary resources and personalized coaching prepare your words, mind, body and heart for any communication.  


Body of Speech Assessment 


The Grammar Sheet

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Presenter Feedback Evaluation

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