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Services & Focus Areas

Integrated Presentation Skills

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Public speaking integrates the mind, body, and heart, and this customized training breaks down the full-body speaking experience -- from the speaker’s mindset to the footwork of follow-up.



  • Assessment of speaker strengths and growth areas

  • Exploration of communication modalities: visual, audio, digital, kinesthetic

  • Ample practice opportunities plus comprehensive, encouraging feedback

  • Proven preparation process to ready the speech AND the speaker



Elevated Virtual Effectiveness

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Virtual effectiveness training gives presenters the time and the tools to better design and execute online events in efforts to enhance audience engagement, elevate production value and leave a lasting impact.



  • Ideas/activities for maintaining virtual connectivity in disconnected times

  • Tips for implementing brevity, streamlining messaging, and connecting content for online audience

  • Targeted role-play exercises for building and maintaining structure within media interviews, virtual panels, Q&A sessions

Strategic Storytelling

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Storytelling training helps presenters recognize the benefits of using story as strategy to better illustrate a message, imprint data, and impart meaning onto an audience.


  • Learned benefits of storytelling and persuasion

  • Process for culling themes from interactions to create story (Storybuilding) 

  • Practice with delivering nuanced stories (Storytelling) 


Empowered Relational Awareness 

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Interpersonal communication skills or, relational presence, is an area often left for self-discovery once relationships have already been strained and/or opportunities have been compromised. Putting this area ‘on the map’ puts participants in a place of power and ownership over how they come across and impact their surroundings.



  • Personality inventory assessment via the Enneagram methodology

  • Increased eptitude on ‘reading a room’ and relating (energy etiquette)

  • Exploration of ‘radical candor’ feedback systems in workplaces

In-the-field Feedback & Observation

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Imagine having a coach right there WITH you at your upcoming event observing you live and offering encouragement and/or assistance from the sidelines. What better way to receive informed feedback and plant an ally in your audience?!


  • Real-time support (emotional, technical or logistical) and observation of presenter in their element

  • Direct witness of an event's success 

  • Opportunity to capture footage of speaker/event for promotional purposes

Individual clients receive this fun and helpful Megaphone Coaching 'speaker kit' complete with presentation preparation tools and awareness reminders to support and enrich communication.


Ready to make an investment in yourself, your career and your ability to create a life-long and lasting impact with your communications? Contact Megaphone Coaching today!

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