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Who I help

Megaphone Coaching serves the whole speaker over their entire presenting journey.
Whether speaking in front of a class, congregation, or corporation -- whether at the dinner table, a holiday party or a networking event, we help speakers develop the lifelong skills and poise needed to be an effective communicator
anytime for all time. (See below for current client list).

Youth Speakers (Ages 8-21)


Childhood speaking experiences impact a presenter’s confidence for the rest of their lives. Playful and safe speech coaching for youth, teens, and young adults is one of the most influential factors for growing today’s dreamers into tomorrow’s leaders.  

Examples of foundational clients:

  • Youth preparing demo speeches and presentations (4H, Destination Imagination, Scouts)

  • Youth speakers delivering competition speeches (student council, speech, debate) 

  • Future poet laureates nuancing the spoken word

  • Students fulfilling high school/college public speaking or rhetoric course curriculum 

  • Church youth group members addressing congregations or assemblies

  • Youth desiring confidence and courage in interpersonal communication 


Emerging Leaders

Entering and moving through the professional workforce requires core value identification, relational awareness, mindful decision making, and preparation. Speech, career, and interpersonal communication coaching helps individuals further align with their chosen paths, chronicle their journey, track their progress and promote their success. 

Examples of emerging leader clients:


  • Recent graduates interviewing for internships and jobs

  • New hires defining and promoting themselves and their skillset

  • Emerging leaders finding their place and their voice within dynamic teams

  • Young professionals perfecting their ‘elevator pitch’


Community Members

Our teachers, preachers, performers, and practitioners are the lifeblood of our communities. Speech and event coaching supports those who enlighten, entertain and support others.

Examples of community clients:


  • Faith-based and lay leaders informing and inspiring in spiritual spaces

  • Singers, dancers, writers, and actors navigating their creative lifestyle 

  • Mental health and medical practitioners preparing for podcasts, interviews, webinars 

  • Interest groups, nonprofits, and community activists organizing and empowering

  • Teachers engaging students in person or online and interacting with parent groups 

  • Business owners and entrepreneurs promoting their enterprises 

  • Speakers for commemorative events (weddings, funerals, retirements, etc.)

  • Public figures preparing for the stage or camera (keynote & TED speakers, emcee’s) 

Lon Erickson, Portfolio Manager, Thornburg Investment Management, preparing for media interview

Corporate Professionals

Business professionals, executives, and industry experts influence and direct their organizations, their culture and maintain standards for success. Speech coaching and media training affords busy professionals the time to add both polish and story to their strategy. This process helps leaders get out of their own way, get after their innovation and ideas, and be of better service to their message and their stakeholders.

Examples of corporate clients:

  • Professionals preparing high stakes presentations, sales pitches, reviews

  • Team leaders facilitating discussion and running effective meetings (virtual or in-person)

  • C-level executives delivering town hall addresses, investor pitches, board reports  

  • Industry experts responding in media interviews

  • Founders preparing for fundraising and pitch meetings

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